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Biographical information


Sydney, Australia


November 23rd, 2016







Hair color:

Dark Brown

Eye color:

Light Blue

Political and military information


Preachers (2017–)


Fireteam Commander (2025–2032)
Commander of the Preachers (2032–)

Service number:


Notable info:

  • Destroyed numerous Android forces
  • Lead the assault on the Encino Compound
  • Ended the conflict in Safe Zone Alpha
  • Obliterated the Android Covenant Operations Hub in 'Blaster Park'
  • Commandeered all Preacher forces during the final battle of Earth

Blackstone, also known as Razor 09 is the Commander of the Preachers, a group dedicated to the survival of humanity. He is known across the 20 Year War as having taken on thousands of Android forces, and is known by some as The Destroyer.


Childhood and early yearsEdit

'Blackstone' was born on November 23rd, 2016, in the remains of the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, by his parents Katherine Williams and Richard Pond. Both were key Preacher leaders in those years, having fought since Day One. During his first 3 years as a child, his parents abandoned their cause to go underground, to raise their son the way parents should. After which, they began to train him in military customs, fighting, and firearms.

Upon his 10th birthday, his parents were sent to a callout to civilians under attack in Prague, in the Czech Republic. After which, they were never heard from or seen again. This deeply affected him, and due to the psychological breakdown and strain, he forgot the birth name that he was given, choosing Blackstone after the necklace that his mother gave to him as a good luck charm.

Teenage yearsEdit

Upon his parents deaths, their comrade in arms, David Silvia adopted him as his nephew. David was then the military leader of the Preachers, having had Katherine and Richard abandon their position he stood up to take over. David continued to train 'Blackstone' through newer guerrilla tactics and Specialist warfare maneuvours. At the age of 14, with the assistance of David, he took down a Hunter drone during a resupply op to Android forces in Afghanistan.

Leader of the PreachersEdit

After 3 years of combat operations, 'Blackstone' rose to the position of Operations Commander in the Oceanic Plains. His tactical prowess and knowledge from birth made him one of the finest in the war. His adopted uncle, David, was especially proud of him. At a rally in the Ukraine, the leader of Global Preachers, James Romulus, was under a possible assassination threat by Android-Supporters. Both David and James were killed when an Improvised Laser Device was detonated by a suicide bomber. With the hierarchy of the Preachers left in tatters, 'Blackstone' took over as Commander.

During his reign as Commander, he traveled from the Ukraine, to all other countries left untouched by the Androids. The ones that were, he traveled to anyway. Upon traveling to Scotland, he met a girl called Amy, who he immediately befriended. The two of them ventured for 8 months, until during a contact, she was killed by a A-50. Saddened by her death, he took her cloak as a reminder of the cost that the war has had on him, and ventured further.

Current operationsEdit

Now in the 20th year, the war continues to be fought. The Preachers however are leading a final offensive. 'Blackstone' leads them through the sand as he seeks to end the war that has taken everything dear to Humanity.