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Fable, also known as ANDROID-18 is the leader of the Android Covenant, a worldwide combined force of androids and robots dedicated to the eradication and or enslavement of humanity. He is the only android to still remain operational from his starting year of 2013, to 2035, also starting the Android-Human War.


Construction and early operating yearsEdit

A-018 was constructed on the 10th of April, 2013. His operating software was first activated on the 23rd of November however, which is where he considers himself to have been "born". He was the first android to have completed the full upgrade and upload testing, being the first Infiltrator-system android to be constructed. He was also the poster-child for the Infiltrator-class Android Program.

He was rigorously tested from then on, put through many shock and awe tests, as well as normalised training simulations. After which, he was the first to be installed with an emotional inhibitor, the first of it's kind to be installed in the Android program.