London destroyed
General information


England, United Kingdon, Europe


43 AD




Birthplace of Scorpius I


British Armed Forces (1701–2015)
Android Covenant (2015–2034)
Preachers (2035–onward)


London was a metropolitan city that is the capital of England and the United Kingdom.



Before the Human-Android War the city was one of the biggest and had reached it's all-time high population with over 8.8 million people making it one of the most populated in the world.

Human-Android WarEdit

Main articles: Fall of London and Operation: SCORPIUS.

On 26 June, 2015, the Android Covenant began it's genocidal campaign against the human race by attacking major cities all over the world. London became a massive battlefield like many other major cities, with the British Armed Forces trying to fight off the invading androids, Opertaion: SCORPIUS was put into immediate effect, with the objective to evacuate King William V to a safe location. However the androids moved quick in taking out all the leaders and possible leaders of England, this included the Prime Minister, King, Deputy Prime Minister, all of the cabinet, royal family and high ranking military leaders.

About 3 days after the initial attack, London had fallen, the remaining British forces had either been pushed or fallen back into the surrounding areas. However within the city there were a low number of civilians who lived in the shadows hiding from the androids, some chose to try and fight them once they had see they began to turn London into one of their newest hubs, but all attempts by civilians had failed.

On 10 July 2015, the androids had turned London into one of their many hubs that they had around the world, this made London a extremely dangerous zone for humans. Despite London becoming a hub there were a very low number of humans still living in London that they androids had not discovered.

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Once the Human-Android War came to an end, King Scorpius I and the remaining British people had begun to rebuild and repopulate London and bring it to it's former glory.