Scorpius I
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Biographical information


London, England


Late 1993











Hair color:

Dark Brown

Eye color:


Political and military information


British Armed Forces (????–2015)
Preachers of the Crown (2015–)


Lieutenant commander (????–2015)
King of the United Kingdom (2015–)

Service number:



"King Scorpius I" is the first King of his name and the Preachers of the Crown, that served during the Human-Android War. Scorpius is his alias he took after Operation: SCORPIUS, his real name is kept to himself. He played a key role in stopping the Android Covenant from taking full control of Europe and keeping the European Front of the war alive.


Childhood and early yearsEdit

Scorpius was born sometime in late 1993 somewhere in North London, the hospital he was born in and the identity of both his parents are unknown. Not much is really known about his life as a child other than he was a 'trouble child' causing all sorts of trouble and being expelled from several school for violent behaviour.

From the age of 13, Scorpius was self-taught, learning several languages, gaining a lot of knowledge with geography, computer programming and computer engineering. These skills proved to be a good investment in learning in the years to come. Sometime in 2011, upon reaching the age of 18, Scorpius signed up to join the British Armed Forces and spent time serving in Afghanistan and several other conflicts, his high performances and efficiency in the line of duty lead to him later being promoted to a Lieutenant commander.

Operation: SCORPIUSEdit

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On 26 June, 2015, the Android Covenant began it's genocidal campaign against the human race, Scorpius was part of a quick response team sent to escort King William V to as safe location as part of Operation: SCORPIUS. Scorpius was sat next to the King as they travelled down the back-streets of North West London when the convoy was ambushed and the men were forced to proceed on foot. After walking a 2 miles, the squad was ambushed again, this time killing everyone but Scorpius with King William sustaining deadly wounds, on his death bed, the King passed the Crown onto Scorpius, knowing the rest of the royal family were already dead. Having the team hardly make it out of the London area and the death of King William V, the mission was failed this lead to Scorpius taking the name of the operation and using it as an alias from then on.

Life as a KingEdit